Везна DIBAL DPOS400 TOWER 2D 6/15kg /Black/

Везна DIBAL DPOS400 TOWER 2D 6/15kg /Black/


Със своя дизайн и компактен размер, Dibal DPOS 400 е с мащаб, който позволява използването му в касата на стоки и други области на приложение. Неговата модерна визия го прави идеален за професионални приложения.

Преглед на количката

Dibal DPOS-400 are the optimal solution to integrate weighing tasks in the point of sale. Weight only or price computing scales connectable to ECR or POS. Their compact and versatile design allows the installation of one or two displays on platform or pole mounted.

Checkout scales Dibal DPOS-400 Series

Data in mm

A 50
B 275
C 65
D 345
E 420*
F 45

Plate dimensions: L300 x W230 mm.

Weight with packaging: 5.0 kg.

* 9.2 mm with glass plate and legs adjusted in height to the minimum.


  • Weight only or price computing scale for checkout applications.
  • Modular and modern design.
  • Easy integration into counters.
  • Additional tempered glass plate available. Customizable with client’s logo.
  • Valid for legal metrology.


  • EAN heading programming (according to the communication protocol).
  • Tare, fix tare and manual zero.
  • Display of price in a secondary currency.
  • Energy saving via programmable on and off back lighting switching and automatic disconnection.
  • Power supply and communications through one single USB cable.


  • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 6 kg / 2 g – 15 kg / 5 g.
  • Optional:
    • Mono-range (3,000 divisions): 15 kg / 5 g.


  • Flat.
  • Pole.


  • Structure:
    • ABS plastic casing.
  • Display:
    • Easy to install in multiple positions (1 or 2 displays).
    • Backlit LCD matrix graphic display.
    • 5 digits (up to H20 mm) per display.
    • Shows only weight or weight, price/kg and total (connected to POS and depending on the communication protocol).
  • Keyboard with 3-keys.
  • Plate:
    • Type: Flat.
    • Material: Stainless steel. Also available in tempered glass (additional).


  • RS-232 interface.
  • USB.
  • Communication protocols available for the main POS and ECR in the market.
  • Multi-protocols: the communication protocol is selected in the scale (40 protocols). More protocols can be added from PC by telecharge (maximum: 60 protocols more).
  • „OPOS“ driver.


  • Mains: power via USB connection, with an AC/DC adapter from 110/240 VAC to 5 V / 500 mA.
  • Others: other sources through a USB connection for example with a PC.


  • 1 W (approx).

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